In the era of digitalization most of the business operations is shifting to electronic medium so is the marketing functions of the organizations. Digital marketing help organizations to connect with their target audience directly, effectively and efficiently resulting in enhanced productivity. Our range of digital marketing training programmes are specifically designed to provide expertise of various tools and platforms essential to achieve functional goals using e-technology.

Few Recommended Training Programmes

    Ecommerce marketing is a process of selling products & services of online stores, it uses the tools of digital marketing to convert customers for sales. It uses many tools & technologies to connect businesses with customers.

    Mobile marketing is reaching customers, engaging them with brand, sharing new updates thru SMS, MMS, email or app ads on their mobile phones and tablets. Mobile marketing has the highest conversion rates among all the marketing activities as people keep their mobile closer to them at all times.

    Today’s world is rapidly changing to the digital technologies and all the operations of businesses are becoming digital. In this race of digitization marketing has also moved to the same and is called as Digital Marketing. This programme of Digital marketing is a basic programme, designed to provide the know how & overview of digital marketing, its importance in today’s world, tools & types of digital marketing along with the rules & regulation pertaining to the same.

    Digitization is ruling with the fast pace in everybody’s life and have covered distances by the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. These social media platforms have become the part of daily life to people, organisations and groups. Now these Social Media platforms have become an effective & economical platform for marketing and enabling organisations to connect to their target audience, helps building brand, keep audience connected to brand thru different engagement activities and drive sales. Our experts in this session provide expertise to your team or professional for the use of Social media marketing platforms to the best of interest of your organisation.

    Website is a powerful marketing tool for any business in today’s date. In this modern era companies & people are on internet to search product & services for them making it convenient and cost effective for both consumer & seller. Along with having a website organisations needs to do email marketing to reach their targeted audience and engage their customers to build the brand in their mind. Major benefits of email marketing are cost effective, wider reach regardless of distance, speed – mail reaches in seconds to the audience mailbox. This programme is designed for professionals to gain knowledge of tools & design of website, and e-mail marketing techniques to have effectively market the brand.

    Google is most used search engine in India. Everything or anything is searched on Google. Google Ads is a service for business to display ads and helps creating relevant ads with the keywords, which when searched for triggers the ads on the search page. There are different types of matches defined with the adwords. These adwords are used to display brief advertisement, product launches, video content and more. With this training our experts provide tools and techniques to effectively manage the Google Ads for effective marketing.

    To analyse the strength of your website has come a long way, with the advent of Google analytics it has become easier to find the visitors behavior and the sections or the pages which are most visited by them, this helps in building the marketing campaign, creating plans for driving traffic on the website and getting the desired results. In this session of Google analytics our trainers discuss the ways to do different type of analysis of Google analytics reports, their outcome and suggested solutions.

    Digitization has changed the way businesses operates, everything has moved to internet. Finding a product or service has become easy within seconds one can get the information about sellers & providers. But who are the ones who tops the list on the first search page. How one can make their website or ads comes on top of the list. Here comes the role of “Search Engine Optimization”. It is a process of improving websites/Ads rank higher on the search in the search engine, it helps in driving traffic to website and reaching to potential customers. This training programme helps professional to gain skills & knowledge of the tools and techniques of Search engine optimization, use of keywords & Adwords to manage the ranking of their website on the search engine.

    Web marketing is a tool of marketing products & services thru web and email. There are many tools for doing Web Marketing, one such high impact tool is “Online Display”. Managing online display is all about the display of ads, content & videos at the right time to reach the maximum potential audience. Our training shares the insights, tools and techniques on how online display management is done in best of interests of the business.

    Content management is managing the content of the website, products information, adwords and blogs - about the products, services and organisation. Content management keeps your customers engaged and provide update information about products, also keep creating excitement in among them, make them return and drive traffic to the website. It is important to manage the content so that a customer do not feel betrayed. Our module of Content management covers the tools, techniques and formats of content management to enable professional manage the content with high returns to the organisation.

    Essentially affiliate marketing is a performance based, a commission pay out marketing on successful transaction. Organisations, partners or other entities doing online marketing are known as “Affiliates” and they get paid for successful transaction. There are various types of affiliate marketing and has its own advantages. Our team of experts have designed this module in such a way that it helps professionals gain insights & knowledge of affiliate marketing, advantages, tools & techniques of affiliate marketing to get the maximum output from the affiliation.

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